Trademark Services

TRADEMARK Clearance search

Sturman Law can provide comprehensive federal, state, and common law trademark clearance search services to give you confidence that your trademark registration will be successful and you are not infringing on the trademark rights of another company.

A comprehensive trademark clearance search is one of the most important steps in the trademark registration process. A thorough trademark search lays the foundation that your brand is built upon.


You may only have one opportunity to respond properly and timely to an Office action before a final determination is made by a USPTO attorney. Having a knowledgeable attorney in your corner can be the difference in overcoming a refusal to register your trademark.                       

Sturman Law can assist you in drafting a strong response to both procedural Office actions, and substantive Office actions that require you to provide supporting legal arguments.


A USPTO trademark cancellation proceeding is similar to a federal civil lawsuit, and can have severe consequences. Rights in a trademark can be lost after many years of trademark registration.

Sturman Law can provide counsel to help determine if you should seek to initiate a trademark cancellation proceeding. We can advocate on your behalf to defend a trademark registration against a party that is seeking to have it cancelled.


Sturman Law can provide counsel on filing a statement of use for your intent-to-use trademark application.

We can assist you in preparing your statement of use, and the required specimen, in a manner that can eliminate delays to allow your trademark application to proceed toward registration in the most efficient manner.                                                                                  


Sturman Law can provide counsel on how to ensure that your trademark rights do not lapse and file the required documents on your behalf.

We can assist you with filing of a Declaration of Use and/or Excusable Nonuse under section 8 and Application for Renewal under section 9.                     


All federal trademark applications are examined and scrutinized by a USPTO attorney. Avoid putting your brand at risk by working with Sturman Law, who can prepare and file your trademark application the right way, the first time. 

The trademark registration process is full of potential pitfalls. What may seem like a minor error, can result in processing delays, denials, and even cancellation of your trademark registration years after it has been approved.                                                          


Opposing a trademark application or defending against a trademark opposition proceeding requires precision and strong legal arguments to support your case.

Sturman Law can work with you to determine if filing a trademark opposition or responding to one is the right strategy for you. We can also assist you in filing a request to allow for additional time to initiate a trademark opposition proceeding.                                                      


Trademark infringement is a matter that should be addressed expeditiously. If you fail to take action against potential trademark infringement in a timely manner, your legal rights may evaporate.

Sturman Law can help you navigate the serious road that is trademark infringement, by providing counsel on strategies to deter and stop trademark infringement from occurring. If you are accused of trademark infringement, we can assist in determining if you may be liable.


Sturman Law works with brands to determine strategies that can maximize revenue generating opportunities, while providing the highest level of protection for your intellectual property.

We can assist throughout the entire process of building of your brand. From laying a solid foundation by creating a strong brand name, logo, or slogan, to protecting against infringement, and licensing it to other parties.


Trademark monitoring can deter others from siphoning the goodwill that your brand has established, by alerting you upon the discovery of potentially infringing activities.

Sturman Law can work with you to customize a trademark monitoring program specifically tailored to the needs of your brand.