Copyright Services


Using preexisting content that you do not own or licence rights to, could result in liability for copyright infringement. In some cases, the content that you are seeking to use may be in the public domain because the copyright has expired, or the content itself is not eligible for copyright protection.

Sturman Law can work with you to determine what rights may need needed and provide peace of mind that you are not infringing on another's copyright.      


Ideas, are just that, ideas. Tangible concepts, however, have real value, and is imperative to protect them in today’s competitive marketplace.

Certain concepts, however, despite being protected under copyright law, are considered 'fair use' if specific conditions are met. Whether fair use applies may depend on the party using the content, the purpose of the use, and the amount of the content used.

We can work with you to determine what rights you may have to use content based on your particular matter.               


Sturman Law can work with you to develop a customized strategy for your content that can allow you to take advantage of revenue generating opportunities, while maintaining control over the manner that your content is used.

An effective strategy begins with developing and acquiring content that provides you with exclusive rights that you to control the use and distribution of the copyrighted work.

Timely registration of a copyright can have a substantial impact on the value of the content itself. Failure to adhere to the 'Three Month Rule' can have severe implications.


Applying for copyright registration can help prevent copyright infringement from occurring, and create a pathway for resolving infringement disputes if they do arise.

Sturman Law can provide counsel on whether your material qualifies for copyright protection, and the manner of copyright registration that will offer you the highest level of protection for your work. Additionally, we can provide counsel on how the 'Three Month Rule' may effect your copyrighted material.


The determination of whether a particular use constitutes copyright infringement requires a thorough analysis of the content itself and the exact manner of its use.

Whether a copyright registration is in place for the content and the exact timing of the registration's filing can impact the rights of the content owner and their ability to recover damages and attorney fees.

Sturman Law can provide counsel on step to avoid copyright infringement and your options in resolving a dispute after potentially infringing actions occur.


A work for hire agreement can serve to protect both the creator and intended owner of content in case a dispute arises. In certain situations a work for hire agreement can not be valid based on the type of content.

It is imperative to know whether a work for hire agreement agreement will suit your needs. In some cases, specific assignment language may be necessary to include in an agreement. 

Sturman Law can advise how to preserve your rights and draft a written agreement that you can be confident will meet your needs.