Brand Management Services


In today's evolving marketplace, brand values continue to rise, as does trademark infringement. Trademark registration, should only be the first step of an overall brand protection strategy.

Failure to enforce your trademark rights can result in the loss of your valuable intellectual property.

Sturman Law can work with your brand to maximize and preserve its value, from performing trademark clearance searches to enforcing your rights in a case of trademark infringement.               


Sturman Law can help your business apply for Amazon's Brand Registry program. While Amazon has created a global marketplace, infringers and copycats have taken advantage of the platform.

The Amazon Brand Registry program sets forth specific requirements to enforce intellectual property rights. Additionally, Amazon offers incentives for businesses that register for the Amazon Brand Registry Program.             

Trademark licensing

Sturman Law can provide counsel during the due diligence process all the way through to the drafting of a final license agreement.

Whether you are seeking to license your own intellectual property or have interest in acquiring a license we are here to help.

Lever rule protection

Lever Rule registration can allow a business to prevent the importation of grey market goods / parallel imports and those that have physical or material differences. The exact classification of goods requires a thorough legal evaluation based on the specific fact of your case.

Sturman Law can provide counsel on, and assist you in, applying for Lever rule protection.  Additionally, we can help develop a strategy that uses Lever rule protection in order to deter and stop trademark and copyright infringement.


Forming a corporate entity to own your intellectual property or handle your business affairs can protect you from personal liability. If you do not set forth your own desires for certain business decisions, a state statute may decide for you.

We can draft an operating agreement and advise on procedures that can be put in place to ensure that corporate formalities are followed, thereby reducing the potential for personal liability.

Through a customized plan of action, Sturman Law can help safeguard your rights.


Ideas are a dime a dozen, and therefore, not eligible for copyright protection. However, the moment an idea becomes tangible it may qualify for copyright registration.

Sturman Law can provide counsel on a wide range of copyright concerns from timely registration that complies with the 'Three Month Rule' to copyright infringement matters. 

While copyright law and trademark law are often thought of in tandem, they have distinct rules and offer differing protections.


Sturman Law can work with your brand to determine strategies that can maximize revenue generating opportunities and provide the highest level of protection for your intellectual property rights.

We can assist throughout the entire process of building of your brand. Starting by laying a solid foundation creating a strong brand name, logo, or slogan, to protecting against trademark and copyright infringement.


Product labeling and advertising can present a myriad of legal pitfalls, from referencing other trademarks to making product comparisons.

Sturman Law can provide counsel on your marketing strategy to help you avoid infringing upon the copyright or trademark rights of another company.


The purpose of a contract is to provide for a means of resolving a dispute. However, a contract is similar to a house of cards, in that every word serves a purpose, and if one word is missing it can have a damaging effect on your rights.

It is important to remember that even if a contract says 'x, y, and z', it may not be valid or enforceable. 

Sturman Law can work with you to provide peace of mind on the validity of your agreement and its specific clauses.  


If you provide a written warranty on consumer products, it must comply with the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act.

Even if you "disclaim all warranties of any kind", you may still be required to provide consumers with the warranty of merchantability and the warranty of fitness for a particular purpose.

Sturman Law can provide counsel on applicable warranty laws and the effect they may have on your business.